Better Streets Prototype

Using the design standards for the concept of Complete Streets (essentially, streets that, in the appropriate context, are designed to safely and comfortably accommodate all users), we seek to create a demonstration project that effectively transforms an existing street into a Complete Street.


This will be done in partnership with a local municipality. The City of Miami has expressed an interest in supporting such a demo, and has provided possible streets for such a use. Other possible cities include the City of Doral and the City of Coral Gables.


The example street would use temporary materials and paint to create the 'Complete Street'. Expected changes may include a buffered bike lane, well marked pedestrian crossings, pedestrian islands, parklets and traffic calming devices.


Transportation-related projects often take a long amount time from concept to implementation. Furthermore, the concept of things like Complete Streets finds support within the municipal and county governments, but sees little by way of implementation.


By using demonstration/prototyping we believe we can accomplish at least two things:


1) arrive at a better understanding of how street design solutions could address some of our mobility issues by getting both officials and community members to interact with the idea in a psychical way and provide feedback;


2) demonstrate the power behind prototyping/demos (as a tool for municipalities to adopt as practice), as they can illustrate a street design proposal at a fraction of the cost of a permanent construction project while giving community members and decision-makers an opportunity to make a well-informed decision through actual interaction.



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