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Community Science Workshop in Camp Owaissa Bauer

Our Community Science Workshop(CSW) initiative is a program that engages underprivileged youth in interactive and hands-on science. Students in our interactive workshops use tools, design experiments, plant gardens, and explore their environments, all while expanding their thinking and creating a connection between themselves and the surrounding world. We want to expand the (CSW) Program to south Miami-Dade, an area that is often much neglected when it comes to outreach programs. We have been presented with an opportunity to host the CSW in Camp Owaissa Bauer, a Miami-Dade County Park in the Homestead area. Camp Owaissa Bauer offers many amenities that would enhance our workshops, including: multiple examples of south Florida ecosystems; nature trails; a natural cave; cabins; vegetation; and, geological features. We would also invite other environmental organizations to participate in the CSWs, setting up informational booths to engage the participants and to create a science festival atmosphere. We feel that bringing environmental education to youth in an area rich with south Florida’s endangered ecosystems can make a huge impact on the further preservation and stewardship of our south Florida environment.



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