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Family Programs at Fairchild

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden offers several innovative programs to engage children, families and the community in the exploration of the world of tropical plants and ecosystems. These fun, interdisciplinary, and interactive experiences focus on a diversity of themes including edible gardening, plant and pollinator relationships, biodiversity as well as habitat and resource conservation in South Florida and beyond! Through these programs, children have the opportunity to become ‘young botanists’ while also learning about the relationship between people, plants and the environment, and the importance of making healthy, sustainable lifestyle choices. In September 2014, Fairchild began offering ‘ Let’s Explore at Fairchild (LEAF)’, a free program for children of all ages, consisting of unique themed activity stations conducted by Fairchild staff and trained volunteers. The LEAF program is offered two weekends each month with new activities each time. Children and their families have the option to rotate through various stations where they explore, create, play, plant, and learn through a variety of educational projects, games, crafts, worksheets and more! Families also have the opportunity to check out a self-guided backpack which they can use in the Garden to supplement their ecological learning experience; backpack options include a bird program, local ecosystems exploration, and a botanical scavenger hunt of different habitats in the Garden. We are seeking funding to support the continuation and expansion of this free program, including staff support and program supplies that are required to implement and improve it.



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