Increasing High School Graduation Rates Among At-Risk Girls

Women of Tomorrow helps at-risk girls overcome obstacles, gain skills, improve academic performance, graduate from high school and go on to higher education and lives of greater opportunity. Our program includes group mentoring sessions, supportive peer relationships, career-focused field trips and specialized college campus visits, all designed to encourage girls to stay in school and aim high. Our efforts prevent dropouts, teach pathways out of poverty, provide greater access to higher education, and help to develop a stronger workforce in the community. Our program is a high-impact investment, providing services at a low cost per student per year and rewarding participants – and the community – with tens of thousands of dollars in return, measured in terms of the girls’ increased graduation rates, access to higher education, better lifelong earning potential, and reduced vulnerability to risks. Our program also has a broader impact on the families and friends of our mentees. Participants in our program become community role models, visible evidence that it is possible for young people to overcome obstacles.



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