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Intelligent Systems

INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS is a full-length multimedia opera composed and created by Carson Kievman, the Artistic Director of SoBe Institute of the Arts, a non-profit arts organization located in South Beach. This innovative work features a 15-piece ensemble performing in conjunction with projected, animated film images complemented with meticulous costume construction and mechanical stage and lighting effects.


Through this astonishing integration of sonic and visual images, the audience is taken through time and space on a quest to understand, and actually feel as though they are experiencing creation, natural catastrophe, social evolution, and the threat of self-destruction. The opera demonstrates the history of the universe as a series of natural catastrophes, while highlights man's evolution in nature and the possibility of the self-determined destruction of our natural world.

With its socially conscious storyline and innovative blend of artistic means, INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS will not only add creativity to Miami's thriving arts community, but also bring in new audiences as SoBe Institute of the Arts objective is to provide professional arts performances for affordable ticket prices.



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