Health & Safety

TEENS building a community of healthy TEENS

Teenagers from all backgrounds and cultures need access to serious health resources and information, including topics like eating disorders, pregnancy, sexual abuse, depression, bullying, suicide, and health insurance. We are building a massive network of teenagers who we train to become Peer Health Educators at their own high schools. Our teens launch health campaigns at their schools, teach 8 critical classes to all freshmen at their schools, and give their schools access to a tailored health resource website.


We seek this grant to host “HIP Day”, a full-day event where our 1,000 11 and 12th grader health educators from across nearly 40 high schools in Miami-Dade County convene to address the health crises they witness every day at their schools. HIP Day is an opportunity for these civic-minded high school students to discuss these prevalent health issues and empower them to solve the health crises of their generation.



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