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100 Great Ideas Public Engagement Campaign

Miami is filled with smart, solution oriented citizens who care about their community and who would contribute to solving community and social issues in a public, collaborative forum if the barriers to engagement were lowered. However, there are very few practical ways for people in Miami to access decision makers in order to share their ideas for community improvement and do so with limited requirements asked of them. Through our own exploration we have seen how difficult it is to navigate the change making process in Miami, and how hard it is to constructively contribute to it. Many citizens don’t know how to participate in the first place, and access points are often narrow and intimidating. We have created a social-media space where people from across Miami can join a problem solving conversation focused on solving specific civic issues. Once a community issue is identified, we launch a 10-day campaign engaging hundreds of people from across Miami to share ideas, examples, questions, comments, articles, images, and experiences, breeding new ideas and better understanding where people in the community stand on the issue. We weave together the ideas generated into a meaningful, actionable, constructive summary to be shared with relevant decision makers and influencers involved with the topic at hand, on behalf of the participating community. We then synthesize those ideas, and leverage the impact of the collective voice to increase government responsiveness. Our campaign gives hundreds, potentially thousands, of citizens a vehicle to contribute easily to the local social good, and then make some of the best ideas from across our city available to our leaders to help them improve one of the critical elements in our community. We these seek accelerator funds to host another campaign, create a resource summary and host a post-campaign event, focused on one of the following need areas of Miami: transit, education or environment.



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