Civic Engagement

A Weekly Miami Event to Build, Share and Learn about Civic Tech

Code for Miami is a collective of locals who are committed to using technology to improve Miami’s civic engagement, relationship between local government and the citizenry and the overall quality of life of the community. We’re proposing the continuation and expansion of our weekly Civic Hack Nights; a weekly gathering for those who want to find innovative ways to better their communities. A “Hack Night” is for those that want to:


- get work done on civic projects

- start a new project, or find one to join (all backgrounds welcome!)

- bounce ideas and get help from tech and government experts

- learn about open data, smart cities, and open government.


While we encourage folks learning how to code to use Code for Miami as a way of sharpening their technical skills while learning about civic tech, we also invite non-technical folk to join, especially by teaming up with our community’s designers and developers. This is important as the best civic tech ideas come from teams with a diverse background.


From these gatherings, we have spun off tech projects, large-scale events and taught dozens of Miamians what it means to use technology to be good citizens. We think we can do a lot more and look forward to what a more civically engaged Miami could bring.



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