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A worthy home for world-class jazz

South Florida has a wealth of world-class talent in its jazz community. Although we have venues for classical music, opera, dance, and theater, there is no permanent venue dedicated to jazz. Moreover, existing (for-profit) jazz venues are disappearing. The Miami Jazz Cooperative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2010 by 115 South Florida jazz musicians, educators, and broadcasters to establish a permanent, sustainable home for the performance and education of jazz.  To build support for jazz and the MJC mission, the MJC provides master classes in jazz to middle and high school jazz programs and presents jazz throughout the community including the popular Monday night MJC Rent Parties, the Jazz in the Gables concert series (headed into a fifth season), and now, a community-based jazz vocal ensemble, MJC Voices, directed by the father of jazz vocal education, Larry Lapin.  This community outreach has already broadened the existing audience for jazz. The MJC home for jazz which will be affordable, accessible, and constant, providing a reliable space where residents and tourists alike can go to hear world-class jazz.



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