Civic Engagement

AEDAP Youth Step Up Initiatives

AEDAP Youth Step Up Initiatives is part of AEDAP Youth Leadership Trainings.

It is designed to enroll a series of youth ages 8 to 18 and provide them a media forum radio/television allowing them to share their thoughts on Civic Engagement. The program will have three aspects

1) Collection of Information - Free Speech: data collection. This process allows the youth to get acquainted with peers and start sharing by communicating freely on their understanding of Civic Engagement

2) Step Two: Separate the group in two categories: Community Involvement and Leadership

3) Step Three: Program offers a facilitator, a coach that will guide them in areas of community involvement and leadership.

4) Final Stage: the program is designed to last nine months to a year. At that level, participants are empowered to lead their own dialogue: address community issues pertaining to their understanding of volunteer services, sense of responsibility and very importantly issuing their voter's registration cards. At the final stage program participants are informed , involved and the ones who are 18 clearly understand the importance of VOTING.



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