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Accelerate Civic Engagement Platforms - City Year Miami

Since 2008, City Year Miami has been serving the community through civic engagement and citizen service. In just 7 years, we have grown from 82 AmeriCorps members serving in 7 schools, to 212 AmeriCorps members serving in 18 schools and engaging over 12,000 community members across South Florida. As the fastest developing site in the City Year network, City Year Miami’s goal is to increase its core size from 212 to 436 in the next 5 years with 10% of the increase being seen within the next year. An increase in the number of AmeriCorps members serving with City Year in Miami would allow us to not only reach every child at risk of dropping out of high school, but create a larger platform for civic engagement and service throughout the Miami community. Our civic engagement team is accelerating how we do community service in the community.Currently we have a surplus of requests that go unfilled and we need a catalytic investment to accelerate the platforms to build this out.



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