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Artists often come out of their educational programs (whether it be official schooling or learned on the street) lacking even basic business skills. Artists operate essentially as solo entrepreneurs, or perhaps with a small staff, if they are more successful. Like any entrepreneur, they face numerous business issues, including contract negotiation, financial management, health care, marketing, sales and many more. However, they usually lack any education in those fields and often learn them the hard way, or fail entirely.


The Art/Work Connections program is a monthly series of business seminars held at galleries and art spaces around South Florida targeted at artists and those working in the arts. Everyone is welcome and can benefit from them. Business professionals are brought in to cover a wide variety of topics including health care, financial planning, contract negotiation, copyright law, portfolio development, social media, marketing and much more. The goal of AWC is to give artists the tools to take advantage of their artistic talent to make a living at their passion without feeling they need to leave the South Florida area.


Art/Work Connections is generally a monthly series, taking place between February and October. Each event features a presentation on a subject relevant to working artists, followed by a question and answer period. A social hour with time for personal questions rounds out the night with refreshments.


The Art/Work Connections are held at art spaces around town, galleries, studios, co-ops, museums, which allows Life Is Art to provide them with exposure. Hosts are promoted through our platforms as sponsors and attendees are introduced to a space they may not have known about previously. Life Is Art provides the chairs and refreshments, does all the promotion and outreach and manages the setup.



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