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Between Here & No Where: The Journey to Belong

Between Here & No Where is an art exhibition that will create innovative temporary public art spaces that will serve to raise awareness about homelessness. The participating artists are homeless art students, homeless artists or artists who use their art to raise awareness about homelessness. This project will help unite the community and serve to galvanize our citizens. It will also provide an opportunity for these artists to sell their artwork and enable them to become more self sufficient. We can't keep pretending the homeless are invisible. Note: All participating homeless art students and homeless artists will receive gift certificates from local art supply stores.

Who are you?

Tina Cornely is the former IT Director of the Guggenheim Museum, the former Ops Director of MAM and UM teacher. She is the Founder & CEO of Bridging Humanity, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching the less fortunate how to become self sufficient.

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

This art exhibition will travel to different venues in Miami during October 2015, World Homeless Month. It will be on view at a wide spectrum of venues, ie FIU, MB botanical garden, New World School of the Arts, art galleries & homeless centers. It will serve to raise awareness about the cause of homelessness & what we can do. Turning a blind eye is not an option. Knowledge is key. This show will use art to raise awareness & disseminate info to the public about what they can do to help out.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

This project addresses poverty, homelessness and the plight of homeless students.

Please give examples of your project's success.

We have 4 venues for the show. The former head of the Homeless Trust has agreed to write our forward. Participating artists include: Willie Baronet, Juan Travieso, Patrick Farrell (pulitzer prize winning Miami Herald Photographer), Jacq Wolf,
Rob Woodcox, Neith Nevelson (artist & grand daughter of Louise Nevelson who is a former homeless person), Audrey Gair, (winner of the National Latino Art Beat & the National Young Arts Silver Portfolio), Deborah Shelton Tynes &
Rosa Naday Garmendia.

Organization Name (or individuals name) Bridging Humanity


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