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Colony1: A Sustainability Center for Miami using Art+Science

The Art of Cultural Evolution is an environmental and arts non-profit organization committed to urban sustainability. The organization has recently been awarded a 50 year land grant from Miami-Dade County to build Miami's first sustainability center, an eco-friendly community and sustainable ‘living building’, Colony1. It will be the 15th certified ‘living building’ by the Living Institute in the world and the first in the entire Southeast region of the United States.


The center will serve residents of South Florida. The programming is geared towards resiliency and connectivity in the community. The center will house a zero packaging bulk food store, a teaching event kitchen, a learning demonstration food garden, an art and science residency program, an exhibition space and a youth classroom. The goal of Colony1 is to share the knowledge to help move our city towards adopting more sustainable practices.

Who are you?

I'm the director of Art of Cultural Evolution, engaged community member and parent to future community members. With rising concerns of environmental issues and climate change, I dedicate all of my time to making Colony1 happen.

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

Colony1 helps on multiple issues, as resiliency in the face of climate change includes everyone. Our bulk food store reduces carbon foot print, toxic chemical in packaging, supports local farmers, local economy and recycles glass containers for people to get low cost high quality food. In addition we are teaching people to grow food and also how to cook food in our teach and event kitchen. Beyond food, we have an art+science residency program that produces quarterly exhibitions.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

Colony1 addresses climate change, sea level rise and economic resiliency. By leading the way forward in consumer habitats and providing an educational platform in which environmental education is brought to the public through creative arts Colony1 helps create resiliency in Miami. Resilient architecture, street planning, jobs, food, water, energy and community is all encompassed in the Colony1 project.

Please give examples of your project's success.

Colony1 has received a land grant from Miami-Dade County in Wynwood, grants from Awesome Foundation, ERM, Miracle Gro, Pollination Project and has raised over $5,000 from crowd sourcing. Colony1 has had several local articles in Curbed, New Times, Edible and local blogs. In addition community volunteers come every Friday and Saturday working on Colony1's gardens. Colony1 collaborates with Miami Dade College providing service learning hours and participates in public festivals and fairs.

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