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Community Science Workshop in Camp Owaissa Bauer

Our Community Science Workshop(CSW) initiative is a program that engages underprivileged youth in interactive and hands-on science. Students in our interactive workshops use tools, design experiments, plant gardens, and explore their environments, all while expanding their thinking and creating a connection between themselves and the surrounding world. We want to expand the (CSW) Program to south Miami-Dade, an area that is often much neglected when it comes to outreach programs. We have been presented with an opportunity to host the CSW in Camp Owaissa Bauer, a Miami-Dade County Park in the Homestead area. Camp Owaissa Bauer offers many amenities that would enhance our workshops, including: multiple examples of south Florida ecosystems; nature trails; a natural cave; cabins; vegetation; and, geological features. We would also invite other environmental organizations to participate in the CSWs, setting up informational booths to engage the participants and to create a science festival atmosphere. We feel that bringing environmental education to youth in an area rich with south Florida’s endangered ecosystems can make a huge impact on the further preservation and stewardship of our south Florida environment.

Who are you?

Citizens for a Better South Florida is a grassroots non-profit organization providing environmental education and outreach to the diverse communities of Miami, particularly the under-served.

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

Creating a more sustainable Miami begins with forming habits. Our CSW program targets under-served children to educate them about energy & water conservation, recycling, coastal habitat protection, and ecosystem restoration. Encouraging environmentally conscious habits and creating an interest in the environment from a young age will create a more sustainable Miami and inspire innovation in sustainability, enabling residents to target issues such as sea level rise and climate change.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

Our mission with this project is to educate students about the different ecosystems in their community, energy and water consumption, and local impacts on the environment, so that they will adopt sustainable practices and environmentally conscious behavior in their own homes and communities. The children’s use of the local park for the workshops will also encourage communities to keep them well maintained and clear of litter and vandalism.

Please give examples of your project's success.

Our CSW program has reached over 5,500 disadvantaged youth over the past decade.
Outcomes of our current CSW program:
-Upon completing the workshop, 60% of students could name three ecosystems in south Florida
-82% of students reported having an interest in environmental science after participating in the CSW program.
-73% of students stated that science is fun and exciting after completing the workshop.
-91% of students stated that the CSW program will help them in school.

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