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Coverage to Care Miami

Coverage to Care Miami will be an extensive community education and social media initiative targeted to Miami-Dade residents informing them of their health insurance coverage options as well as how to access healthcare once insured. Numerous studies document the poor health outcomes of the uninsured and the significant challenges the newly insured experience navigating the health insurance maze in order to access healthcare services. Many newly insured individuals, who have never before had insurance, are confused about how to actually receive health services once they are insured through an Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan. Additionally, many individuals find it challenging to access healthcare once they are enrolled in a new Medicaid managed care plans (HMO’s), or at community clinics and safety net hospitals. Educating the community about coverage options and how to access healthcare, including valuable preventive treatment, will improve health outcomes in Miami-Dade County.


The goals of Coverage to Care Miami are:


1) Educate Miami-Dade residents about health insurance options under the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid and Miami-Dade safety net providers; and


2) Advise Miami-Dade residents about how to access healthcare provided for by their health insurance, Medicaid and Miami-Dade County safety net providers. Specifically, Coverage to Care Miami will walk individuals through scheduling their initial primary care visit under their coverage plan and will educate uninsured individuals how to access affordable preventive care via Miami-Dade’s safety net providers.



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