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Creating Conservation and Recreation Oases in Virginia Key

MUVE (Museum Volunteers for the Environment) is a volunteer based coastal habitat restoration project based at the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science. We engage thousands of volunteers per year with a broad portfolio of tools including science exhibits, social media, and eco-art. Over 5,000 volunteers have restored over 15 acres of coastal habitat on public lands since 2007. These volunteers are creating what MUVE calls a "living legacy;" a living and breathing new habitat that they can visit with their families and take pride in. MUVE is partnering with Miami Dade County, the City of Miami and other non-profits to restore 17 acres of sea turtle nesting beach, dune, freshwater wetland and tropical forest on Virginia Key North Point. Located a mile from South Beach and downtown Miami, this urban oasis has been designated by a 2010 management plan as a joint recreation/conservation space. We also engage our volunteers in citizen science efforts to track the change taking place at the site.



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