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Dance Band Nights

The Rhythm Foundation will launch a new monthly series, Dance Band Night, at the historic North Shore Bandshell in Miami Beach. Each month will feature a band who play music with a specific dance (i.e. salsa, swing, cumbia, samba, disco). Before the band begins, dance instructors will give the crowd a short class so everyone can learn or refresh their moves before showing off their newly minted skills. Marketing will be done to attract an all-ages crowd, using all forms from social media to reach young people, to coordination with the Bandshell’s neighboring senior center.


During the 1960s, The Norman Giller-designed Bandshell, an open-air amphitheater next to the ocean, hosted weekend dances every weekend, popular with the seniors who lived in North Beach. Earlier this month, The Rhythm Foundation was awarded management of the Bandshell by the City of Miami Beach, and this new series will become a signature event at our favorite venue. It will hearken back to the venue’s classic roots, even while attracting new audiences to come out and dance. The series will also tap into the many Hispanic residents of the neighborhood, by including in the schedule music from Brazil, Argentina, Cuba and Colombia, along with popular US styles like swing, line dance, etc.



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