Civic Engagement

Engaging & Connecting our Diverse Communities via Group Dialogue

‘Celebrate Diversity Miami’ (CDM) is a new initiative inspired in part by the work of a well-established, local nonprofit called MCCJ, which creates safe spaces for dialogue between people of all cultures, religions and races; and by the renowned exhibit ‘Coexistence,’ which travelled the world throughout the 2000s to contribute to dialogue in communities about our differences, while encouraging people to think about issues of tolerance and understanding. CDM envisions a united greater Miami community, where residents from all backgrounds feel accepted, connected, and valued.


In order to accomplish this visionary goal, CDM is taking a creative approach to encourage dynamic intergroup dialogue. CDM consists of two distinct, yet complementary, components: a photo-voice exhibit, and the intergroup dialogue. We see the photography element as a source of visual expression to spark much-needed conversations on why it’s so beneficial to celebrate our diverse community. While the photo-voice exhibit is a tangible piece of CDM, providing an opportunity to engage as many residents in greater Miami as possible; the dialogue gatherings will take this initiative a step further, allowing people to come together and connect on a deeper level.



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