Engaging Miami Students: Opportunities in Health & Environment

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In collaboration with the University of Miami (UM) and other partners, this project affords Miami-based students the opportunity to complement their academic training with real-world opportunities in population, health and environment (PHE) issues. The project will advance talent, opportunity and engagement by:

- pioneering the first PHE integrated program of its kind in the country and leveraging it to directly serve and inform the Greater Miami community;

- exposing students and the Miami community to experts and thought leaders from the US and around the world, and to potential partnering universities including, for example, Brown, Duke and Yale Universities, University of California Berkeley, Michigan State University, etc.

- implementing a Miami-relevant pilot program that provides opportunities for formal academic and debate exchanges and co-learning on PHE evidence base and best practices, skills development, networking, contacts, and policy/advocacy involvement for students to be engaged on PHE issues;

- providing concrete opportunities for students to enhance their current academic work on PHE and take the "next steps" beyond their academic studies on the issues, to include cutting-edge PHE curriculum, modules, materials, paid internships/fellowships both locally and in-country at developing nation sites, social media and publishing opportunities, applied research, participation in policy and advocacy.

- helping students apply their skills locally and address the biggest challenges facing Greater Miami including clean air and water, transport issues, climate change impacts on the Miami shoreline, population growth impacts and health linkages, and at the same time providing real civic involvement and contributions and paid employment options in and around Miami and beyond, for undergraduates, postgraduates and graduates.

Who are you?

The Center for Environment & Population (CEP) is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to building leadership by linking students with real-world civic, professional & research opportunities, & to give back to their Greater Miami communities.

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

This project strengthens Miami-based students education & links to civic engagement, environment & health. Miami-based students will be able to link their academics with practical skills & real-world opportunities that build on their studies. They will have access to experts, civic leaders & professionals; paid internships/jobs in Miami; interactive learning webinars; youth leadership forums; a Miami-based student conference; do research; produce online materials & create social media forums.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

This project provides an opportunity for Miami-based students to apply academic skills, knowledge & expertise on 3 data points:education (academic achievement,real world opportunities);civic engagement (volunteering & paid employment); environment (air, water, transport, sea level rise). Academic achievement will be strengthened & linkages made with students & community.This project will act as a magnet for UM & Miami-Dade area to attract students & retain college graduates with opportunities.

Please give examples of your project's success.

CEP & UM have worked together to integrate UM's academic focus with civic & professional engagement on population, health & the environment (PHE).We would like to make a strong link with Greater Miami so students & community can benefit from their skills and expertise.We've held on-campus forums & workshops, helping UM students & graduates make the links between their studies and the outside world. This project will allow us to formalize all of this material and activities.

Organization Name (or individuals name) Center for Environment and Population (CEP)



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