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Fluorescent Moon

Fluorescent Moon is a collaborative theater project by a collective of artists with and without disabilities. Following on Antiheroes’ recent success with its interdisciplinary work Nomadis, Fluorescent Moon will develop from the personal narratives of artists – in this case blind actors - based on childhood experiences and anecdotes revealing the way they learned to experience and interact with the world in terms of sensorial discovery and perception. These actors have no professional training due to lack of access to such education, so the project incorporates theatrical training as part of the workshop/creation process. Documentation of the process is also part of the project and a video will be created that, while at once a visual component of this theater work, is also a separate work that can tour and be disseminated in performance and non-performance venues.

This work is a conversation/creation workshop that addresses our physical and psychic relationship to the external world and how we discover it through the senses, addressing diversity issues. The spoken text will be interwoven with the music of two local African American rappers, also blind, whose lyrics act as counterpoint to the spoken narrative.

Fluorescent Moon is a project that represents the Latino and African American communities, and the community of people with disabilities in Miami; not only does the organization intersect these three communities, but our members live and work within them and share the needs and circumstances of all three. By expanding access to the performing arts for people with disabilities, as well as Latino artists still cutting their teeth on the English language and African American artists from economically marginalized neighborhoods, the work we do will have an inestimable impact on our community at large. As with our recent work Nomadis, we expect to reach vast and diverse multigenerational audiences across a variety of neighborhoods and venues.



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