Hialeah Reads! Literacy Initiative

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The City’s comprehensive literacy program, Hialeah Reads!, was implemented in the summer of 2000. Through Hialeah Reads!, the City of Hialeah has offered one to one reading tutoring for children, small group reading tutoring and intensive reading classes, a computerized reading program for adults and children to aid with English language skills, conversational English classes for adults, one to one basic literacy assistance for adults, family literacy programs, homework help, bilingual story times, parenting workshops, and thematic literacy kits for child care centers and preschools.

Who are you?

The City of Hialeah is a full service city. The Education & Community Services Department offers after-school and camp programs, adult centers, a therapeutic recreation center, and more. City services are of excellent quality and are in high demand.

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

Over the past 13 years, these free programs have been tailored to the community’s needs as they arise, making them a viable tool to serve the diverse population. The majority of Hialeah students come from homes that speak English as a second language and parents may not be adequately equipped to help their children with reading and homework. Our tutoring programs allow free access to academic assistance that would otherwise be unavailable to low income families.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

The Hialeah Reads! Literacy Initiative addresses the data point from The Our Miami Report which focuses on grade school reading proficiency. With a significant percentage of Hialeah students considered English Language Learners, a need has been presented for the City to provide access to quality literacy programming that ensures reading proficiency of school aged children. Hialeah’s partnerships within the community are also fundamental in the success of city programs.

Please give examples of your project's success.

Since 2000, the Hialeah Reads! Literacy Initiative has successfully served 4,000 Hialeah residents in our literacy programs. Tutoring is provided in a productive and consistent setting, allowing participants to focus and gain confidence as they learn. Parents of children who participate in the City of Hialeah literacy program report that their children show noticeable improvement in school. Pre and Post test results for programs also show clear evidence of improvement for most students.

Organization Name (or individuals name) City of Hialeah Education & Community Services


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