Ignition Accelerator for Nonprofits and Social Ventures

The Ignition Accelerator provides early-stage development for innovative ideas with social impact. The program is for non-profits and individuals to help develop viable and sustainable social programs.


Our curriculum is based on developing successful non-profit and social ventures. We apply entrepreneurial principles to social impact projects by focusing on (1) rapid access to funding, (2) intensive educational programming and mentoring, (3) partnerships and pilot projects, and (4) adapting entrepreneurial skills such as calculated risk-taking.


The projects and organizations we launch at the end of the program will graduate with a fiscally sound business plan, strategic marketing plan and presence, and connection to seed funding. They will also be matched with an established incubator partner program to provide to the for ongoing mentoring and longer term development.


Accelerators are like incubators, but take a targeted, focused approach on a shortened timeline of 90-120 days. A staple of the startup world, accelerators are new in the non-profit sector. But they are uniquely designed to tackle issues that arise rapidly. Thus, we can address problems that larger organizations with long funding cycles and layers of bureaucracy cannot easily address even when they identify such problems.


Ignition Accelerator is designed to connect innovative individuals and organizations with the the expertise, mentoring, and support networks provided by Miami's successful and well established nonprofits and foundations. Such a combination is a powerful tool that is largely untapped and available to us now.



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