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As Miami grows it faces a number of serious social and environmental problems that will impede its ability to have a truly robust economy and compete in global markets. We believe that our local entrepreneurs can solve these problems: problems that are not being addressed effectively by other sectors alone, problems that also represent substantial market opportunities and the potential for diversified and inclusive job growth. However, our entrepreneurs need help getting there as Miami currently lacks a platform dedicated specifically to cultivating social ventures.


To address this gap, the Center for Social Change is creating Incubate Social Change: an incubator program for early stage social enterprises focusing on launching high-impact, high-growth ventures that offer real solutions to real problems and create jobs. Our program provides social entrepreneurs with education, a physical location where they can work collaboratively with like-minded peers, mentorship, funding, and access to talent, both professionals and interns. Our curriculum (developed by successful social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, professors and consultants to incubator programs) helps incubatees to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities presented when launching a social venture. Throughout the process, we pressure-test and validate our incubatees’ models, taking them from early-stage to prototype, and then position them to obtain mainstream funding, commercialize and scale.


Our mission: to catalyze a robust social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Miami, and launch sustainable, scalable social enterprises that produce profound social, environmental and economic impact.

Who are you?

The Center for Social Change is a nonprofit dedicated to cultivating social innovation to achieve meaningful social change with maximum impact, and supported by Charity Deposits Corp.(banking business) and Charity Services Centers (law firm).

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

By educating social entrepreneurs, helping them launch ventures, and connecting them with professionals that can help them scale, our project ultimately creates new high-impact businesses and jobs that continually create new market opportunities and enables sustainable, inclusive economic growth. Since this type of business and growth resonates with millennials, we're also combating Miami’s brain-drain problem. In short, we’re cultivating a social solution oriented economy and citizenry.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

We address the data points of (i) creating ample, diverse job opportunities and (ii) starting and growing new businesses. Our project creates high-impact, high growth enterprises that yield jobs upon formation and more jobs as they grow. These jobs will be in diverse areas such as clean energy, sustainable products/apparel and social ventures in health, education, tech and finance. Some of these social ventures will be started by and/or employ low-income or otherwise disadvantaged residents.

Please give examples of your project's success.

The Center for Social Change created and manages Miami's first shared workspace and event venue exclusively for social purpose ventures. Since completion of the build-out in August of 2014, the workspace is already at 80% capacity and has hosted 15 events and workshops reaching up to 300 participants. Launching Incubate Social Change is the natural next step. To that end we’ve secured some key partners, advisors, mentors and potential applicants and have developed our process and program.

Organization Name (or individuals name) Center for Social Change



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