Kiva Zip Miami

Kiva Zip is a crowd-lending platform that enables financially excluded small entrepreneurs to access loan capital. These entrepreneurs are able to crowd-fund a loan of 5 to 10K with 0% interest on our platform. Through our platform more than 35,000 lenders from around the world have lent to entrepreneurs in the United States. In addition to the financial capital, our borrowers also connect with thousands of lenders who become customers and brand ambassadors. Kiva Zip has provided loan capital to over 5,000 borrowers from traditionally financially excluded groups such as women, veterans and ethnic minorities. We aim to bring this unique 0% interest capital to Miami where small entrepreneurs are in dire need of financial capital as capital access is the biggest barrier to starting or growing a business in the US today. We know that building awareness of Kiva Zip in Miami will allow for amazing entrepreneurs to share their story and receive a crow-funded loan. For more, we encourage you to visit



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