Civic Engagement

Leadership Training for Engaging Our Community

This year, PACT is training 115 leaders intensively to engage over 1,800 people to work on making local policy changes related to housing, crime, and keeping our children out of the prison system.


To win justice, PACT holds ‘direct action’ meetings with thousands of community members, encouraging public officials to take action and holding them accountable by using the power of organized communities. Once PACT members achieve victory on a campaign, leaders put in place a series of checks and measures to ensure that progress is continuing to be made, and ensuring that officials remain accountable even after the original objective has been fulfilled. The three problem areas this year were voted on by our community leaders after a series of 70 listening meetings throughout Miami Dade County, then 300 community members came together in November 2014 to vote on housing, crime, and juvenile justice as the priority problem areas to implement solutions for this year.



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