Liberty to Make

A makerspace in Liberty City will help locals garner & foster their entrepreneurial & creative talents while coming together as a community. This culturally-infused makerspace will serve as a hub for socially-conscious technological innovation through hands-on education. Community members will gain specialized skills in fields such as design thinking, 3D printing, modeling & fabrication, & programming. Liberty to Make will serve as a space for educating youth in ideation & community-driven problem-solving, while engaging directly with the technological & creative communities of Miami at-large. MIAMade will lead a Maker Ambassador program at the center that will provide volunteers & parents with an introduction to the principles of making, which are intrinsically associated with higher level problem-solving. Volunteers & Liberty to Make members will acquire the tools to transfer their new knowledge to the community through after-school programming & workshops, creating a cycle of makers & learning.



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