Civic Engagement

Office of [Civic] Innovation Incubator

The Problem: Currently, anyone looking to interface with the city on any form of community/civic/urbanist project becomes mired in cumbersome bureaucracy, accentuated by a crippling lack of coordination and communication among departments, officials, and administrators.


A Solution: Creation of an "Office of [Civic] Innovation". Starting with a series of convenings with key community members and civic leaders, strategize and develop a plan on how to create the longer-term “Office of Innovation” at the city and/or county level. This will likely begin as an incubator committee that may ultimately create a public/private venture (or other appropriate structure) that bridges the existing gap between community and city.


The Goal:

1) Create more productive and effective pathways for community members to take on place-based/public realm projects, effectively giving the rights to the city back to the people. This initiative will support civically-minded community members in taking on and, more importantly, completing innovative place-based projects.


2) This would create a voice (or small team of voices) within the civic structure (perhaps a public/private venture) to regularly inform civic officials on data and case studies highlighting current civic innovation practices and projects happening throughout the world that are truly moving cities and their communities forward.


3) This initiative would help articulate the city's concerns and needs while balancing the need to accommodate an increased number of community-driven projects and interventions as Miami-Dade becomes more engaged.


Note: The concept of an "Office of Innovation" in not without precedent, which gives us great case studies to mirror and improve upon.



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