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Opera Grows in Liberty City

Opera: an art form which involves all the arts- music, dance, visual, literary, all of the humanities wrapped into a beautiful dramatic presentation. Orchestra Miami wants to teach the children of Liberty City about the humanities by teaching the skills to produce, perform and present their own opera. All the kids participating in our program learn basic music- choral singing, percussion, recorders, handbells. They learn dance, art (sketching and drawing) and they’ll learn about the history and background of each opera they will present. Starting with Benjamin Britten’s master work “Noye’s Fludde” (Noah’s Flood), the world of literature, history and geography will open up to these students.


Working in collaboration with the Miami Children’s Initiative and the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center, Orchestra Miami is opening up the world to 50 young students. Our goal is to give them a broader worldview and spark creative thinking by teaching the humanities through the arts.

Who are you?

Orchestra Miami is a professional, non profiit orchestra which exists to build community and educate through music. Founded in 2006 by Arti Dir Elaine Rinaldi, we have brought free concerts and educational programs to thousands of people in Miami.

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

Orchestra Miami is building an educational program of lasting importance for the children, as well as creating art for the whole community to enjoy. This program is an important part of the Miami Children's Initiative's Liberty City Renaissance, a Knight funded program, which uses the arts to give each child in Liberty City the tools and preparation necessary to be able to attend college.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

This project addresses both access and participation. By bringing opera to Liberty City, all residents will have access to attend a great performance for free, and all children will have the opportunity to participate. Additionally, Orchestra Miami will bring performances of its other children's programs to the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center, so that the children and their families can enjoy and learn.

Please give examples of your project's success.

We have had children enrolled in the program since September. Most of the children suffer from ADHD, and have trouble sitting still and focusing. Their first inclination is to act out rather than speaking in turn. In the 10 weeks since they began, we have noticed that the children are calmer, more focused and engaged. Some of the girls said that, upon putting on their ballet leotards, that this was the first time they felt beautiful. These are significant success in a very short time.

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