Preserving Haitian Identity through Economic Security

NE2P’s proposal is to further support our capabilities to execute the Business Improvement District (BID) process for Little Haiti (LH) in Miami, Florida, ultimately securing a BID for the area leading to increased economic growth, artistic environment, and local civic engagement.


Miami has the largest Haitian population outside of Haiti, and LH is the only US neighborhood identified as a Haitian ethnic enclave. Using culture as a catalyst to build economic infrastructure for an otherwise impoverished neighborhood, the creation of a BID will allow us to make LH into another cultural destination generating revenues both locally, and throughout the city. This will expand economic opportunities for our local stakeholders by revitalizing the neighborhood therefore increasing neighborhood traffic. A BID will, moreover, allow us to put in place safeguards to maintain the neighborhood as mixed income therefore attracting and retaining the talent displaced from elsewhere. Lastly, with a BID NE2P can increase community engagement and bring our diverse participants together to shape our neighborhood and lay personal stakes in its development.



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