Revive the Apprentice Model in Miami

We are growing a new pathway for professional success in Miami. According to recent studies, Miami is the hardest city in the country to find a job. Young people go into debt getting college degrees, to then find themselves underemployed or unemployed, working most frequently in entry-level roles where they learn from the lowest ranking managers in a company. That's a backward way to build a vibrant talent force. We are flipping the model, and offering young professionals the opportunity to become apprentices to CEOs of corporations across Miami. It's a value add to the CEOs, who gain extra hands on deck, and who invest in sharing their knowledge with a future leader for their team. The apprentices gain enormous insights shadowing and supporting senior leaders. We want to grow our program into the hospitality sector in Miami to capitalize on one of the greatest industry assets we have here, and to build the future talent in that opportunity area.



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