Civic Engagement

South Florida Technology Learning Centers

The South Florida Digital Alliance (SFDA) has launched a comprehensive “digital empowerment” initiative called the South Florida Technology Learning Center project (TLC). The goal of TLC is to better prepare our community to participate and compete in the new digital society and digital economy by helping our residents become more adept at using new technologies. The TLC program provides access to technology, training, affordable technology packages and sustainable community outreach programs in order to address the education, social and economic realities of our community. The SFDA has developed a strategy to partner with the anchor institutions throughout the South Florida community to create a publicly-available digital infrastructure accessible to participants of all ages and to the small businesses of our community through the establishment of local community learning centers; primarily located in neighborhood parks and elder centers.

By partnering with our members, the SFDA has an efficient and effective delivery model, to provide an end-to-end solution to support and sustain these centers (TLCs). We will provide the hardware, network monitoring, endpoint security, filtering, backup services, comprehensive IT support with a contractually obligated response time to make sure systems are optimally maintained and consistently remain in production status. We have obtained a 1.1 Million dollar software grant from Microsoft for this initiative, as well as a commitment of over 500 PCs per year from members of our organization.



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