Style Saves: Crazy Cool 4 Back 2 School 2015

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Founded by FORD Fashion Stylist Rachael Russell and a group of philanthropic-minded young professionals, Style Saves raises funds to help underprivileged students. In collaboration with The Miami Foundation, Style Saves works with local retail stores, designers, and boutiques to provide kids of all ages with back-to-school basics like clothing, uniforms, shoes, accessories, and prescription eyewear.


In 2014, over 1,500 students from Miami-Dade Public Schools, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Communities in Schools, Irie Foundation, Mentor Network, Lotus House, and The Guatamalan-Maya Center, Girl Power Rocks, Honey Shine, Inc., and Pridelines Youth Services "shopped" back to school necessities set up in a department store style atmosphere while enjoying a fun day of makeovers, yoga activities, and food. In-kind donations for the event included over 500 units of boys' clothing from Perry Ellis, over 1,000 pairs of TOMS shoes, and additional items from brands like Trina Turk, Converse, Papi, and Superga. The goal for Crazy Cool 4 Back 2 School 2015 is to raise $250,000 to provide clothes for over 2,500 students to help them look good and feel good on their first day of school.

Who are you?

Style Saves is an organization that leverages partnerships with brands in the fashion, art, and hospitality realms in an effort to provide underprivileged kids with clothing, uniforms, and other necessities for their first day of school.

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

In Miami-Dade county, nearly one in four children fall below the federal poverty line; in single parent families, that number increases to one in three (2011 US Census). A single mother of four needing to buy 2-3 uniforms at $40 a pop for each child will have to find an additional $500 to cover the cost of sending her kids to school. Style Saves steps in to help provide these basic necessities so that no child is unable to go to school due to lack of clothing.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

This project directly addresses Education Goal 2, “Miami-Dade Students of All Ages Thrive Academically.” By providing basic necessities such as clothing, uniforms, shoes, and prescription eyewear, Style Saves gives local kids of all ages a better chance to thrive academically by giving them the basic tools for success they so desperately need.

Please give examples of your project's success.

Since its founding in 2011, Style Saves has gone from raising $20,000 to help 50 students, to bringing in more than $170,000 and helping over 1,500 kids. Marianne Weiss, a Director at Big Brothers Big Sisters Miami, affirms, "…many of these children live in very high risk environments and come from low socioeconomic families. They would not have had the necessary clothing to begin school if it wasn't for Style Saves providing them with much needed outfits, shoes, and school uniforms."

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