Housing & Affordability


Affordable housing is not just about bricks and mortar. It is also about the important community ties it generates and sustains, as well as the heroic stories of its residents. These aspects are often lost amidst characterizations of those communities as impoverished, crime-ridden and dysfunctional. This project emerged from the August 2014 Miami JusticeHack (www.justicehack.com), a creative, collaborative workshop that sought to address many of the issues included in the Our Miami Report, including affordable housing, from the perspective of low income Miami communities. Miami was the site of the second public housing development in the country, the Liberty Square development, which at the time represented opportunity and a step-up from crowded and poor housing quality conditions that existed in low income neighborhoods. We propose to rehabilitate the last remaining building of the 1955 Scott Homes development (designated a historical site by Miami-Dade County) as a Community History Center which will commemorate the struggle to preserve the community, raise up the stories of the lives of the people who lived, worked, and played in public housing in Miami and provide a site for neighborhood based events and services. Our group's goal is to cultivate an appreciation for the need to preserve and expand stable, affordable housing communities in Miami-Dade by lifting up the stories and struggles of low-income and public housing residents.



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