TRANSItioning Programming for the Transgender Community of SoFla

Our year-long project provides much needed guidance, learning tools & services to assist this underserved and often overlooked segment of our community…Resulting in a better understanding of the Trans community, better trained & prepared individuals, employment opportunities & overall support.


- ESTABLISHING TRANSMiami Center, 2 meetings per month..2nd & 3rd Tues of every month. 6-8pm

- Providing support, guest speakers & community resources.

- Online dedicated webpage for TransMiami.

- IMAGE BANK @ UC|CU: Clothing, accessories, etc – FREE OF CHARGE – for interviews, homeless, etc

- Offer 4 WORKSHOPS in 2015 – Trans Employment (2) & TRANSitioning Image Workshop (2)

- Provide documented records of attendance, results & progress for each element of the program



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