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The Collective

One main characteristic of some of the world’s most vibrant regions like New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong have in common is that its artists and street culture have played an integral role in its economic development and revitalization efforts.


Designed to expand and challenge external perceptions of Miami’s accessibility to urban culture, The Collective is a monthly series of public street dance competitions created to add to the tapestry of Miami’s cultural tourism in Downtown Miami. Free and open to the public, The Collective is fashioned as a family friendly event, and seeks to work with the city of Miami to offer performance art in public spaces amongst the area’s hotels, restaurants and celebrated cultural attractions.


As a participating organization, our vision is to implement the educational and inclusive notion behind RHPM into The Collective’s movement. By following the blue print of RHPM, we are confident that the true essence of hip hop will aid in shaping the future of Miami’s emerging young urban artists.



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