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Town Hall Meetings

As South Florida’s public media outlet, WLRN has a unique opportunity and responsibility to convene community conversations on critical issues. WLRN’s expertise in providing deep, analytical and relatable coverage of important news stories is reflected in its award-winning radio and online news coverage and it’s previous success in organizing, producing, airing and covering Town Hall events.


Major changes are occurring and transforming media. Legacy media, such as newspapers, are rapidly losing ground. Local media outlets are retreating from in-depth coverage of the news due to economic downturn. Americans feel a disconnection from their elected officials and lack of trust due to the heightened partisanship contributing to citizen disengagement. The town hall meeting will address legislative policies that affect the everyday lives of South Floridians. Finally, the town hall meetings will build a strong sense of community, reach and impact a larger number of people and fill the gap left by the transforming media landscape.

Who are you?

Friends of WLRN, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) and is committed to the support of WLRN Public Media (91.3 FM and Channel 17) whose mission is to provide information, entertainment and life-long learning services to South Florida.

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

WLRN will provide a multimedia-platform for community stakeholders to engage and discuss key issues that affect South Floridians. The platform will include a Town Hall meeting, social media, online stories and radio to reach a larger audience. Thereby, creating a voice for the entire community to express their concerns and unmet needs.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

WLRN’s news philosophy holds that news is a shared experience. We strive to create stories that are not just engaging, but that people can engage with. This effort leads to extended periods of concentrated outreach resulting in an increase in the following: number of people featured in the reporting, the number of people reached by the reporting, the length of contact with participants and people involved in the reporting process. The Town Hall will support those outcomes.

Please give examples of your project's success.

In February and November 2013, WLRN produced two Town Hall meetings: Florida legislative session at the Broward Ctr. with an audience of 600 to discuss key issues. The event led to an on-going series of radio and online reporting throughout the year. WLRN co-hosted The Coastal Communities Congressional Town Hall at the Broward County Convention Ctr. WLRN’s Elevation Zero - Rising Seas in South Florida special reports. WLRN won first place - 2014 Florida Associated Press radio series reporting.

Organization Name (or individuals name) Friends of WLRN, Inc.



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