Civic Engagement

Voting App

Lack of information and limited understanding is one of the critical factors that is often sited by voters as their reason for not voting. We’d like to prototype a county-specific voter app that at minimum:

1) Clearly and objectively translates what’s on the ballot from legal jargon to a clear, simple, unbiased question

2) Provides links to voting recommendations (or endorsements) from several varied local organizations (example, SAVE Dade, The Miami Herald, EmergeMiami, Faith Based orgs, and etc.)

3) Shows nearby early voting locations, voter registration days, a countdown to election day

4) Allows for connections to social media to tell you who of your friends has voted (on election day), post when you have voted as well as to post questions

5) Provide a sharing option so that information can be forwarded/shared with family and friends

6) Provide information on voting locations, as well as pop up reminders

8) Tracks voting events and results (ie. watch parties and voting parties)



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