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Bringing Minnesota Magic to the Magic City

Why should kids in Minnesota be more prepared for Kindergarten than kids in Miami-Dade? The Minnesota Reading Corps (MRC) uses the AmeriCorps model to provide trained literacy tutors for children beginning in PreK. It is the largest state AmeriCorps program in the country. We are working with them to launch the Miami-Dade Reading Corps as the first replication in Florida for this innovative and successful program in school... more »
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The Center for Social Change is a nonprofit dedicated to cultivating social innovation to achieve meaningful social change with maximum impact. Our dedicated changemakers work in education, entrepreneurship and everything in between.

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

A recent report from the Annie Casey Foundation tells us that children who get to fourth grade without learning to read proficiently are on the high school dropout track. The ability to read is critical to a child’s success in school, life-long earning potential and their ability to contribute to the nation’s economy and its security. By providing the MRC model here in Miami-Dade we can intervene early and make a real and measurable difference with a scalable model that has been proven to work.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

We believe that here in Miami-Dade AVERAGE is not an option! The data on reading in the report indicates that Miami-Dade's 4th grade students are reading on par with the average US student, yet our 4th grade reading levels have dropped and the proficiency levels are less than 1/2 of a possible 500 points. We know that a child's ability to read at grade level in the 3rd grade is a predictor of their academic success later in life. MRC assures that they enter school at grade level.

Please give examples of your project's success.

Students who received MRC tutoring achieved significantly higher literacy assessment scores than students who did not. Why is that important? In 2013, 57% of Florida's 3rd grade students received a passing score on the reading FCAT test. In Miami-Dade, 56% passed. In the schools contained in the Educational Transformation Office (ETO), less than 30% of the 3rd graders received a passing score. MRC students achieved an 80% pass rate on the statewide 3rd grade reading test in the evaluation year.

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