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Increasing High School Graduation Rates Among At-Risk Girls

Women of Tomorrow helps at-risk girls overcome obstacles, gain skills, improve academic performance, graduate from high school and go on to higher education and lives of greater opportunity. Our program includes group mentoring sessions, supportive peer relationships, career-focused field trips and specialized college campus visits, all designed to encourage girls to stay in school and aim high. Our efforts prevent dropouts,... more »
Who are you?

We are a unique mentoring program pairing mentors with small groups of at-risk high school girls. Our program prevents high school dropouts, increases access to higher education, fosters workforce development and creates pathways out of poverty.

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

Our program is designed to meet the needs of at-risk teenage girls in public high schools. By providing them with the resources and support they need, mentees learn the importance and impact that their education has on their future: improve their grades, graduate from high school, pursue higher education and lead lives of greater oppotunity. Our program provides services at a low cost per student per year, rewarding participants and the community with tens of thousands of dollars in return.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

High school dropouts are seven times more likely to be living in poverty than those holding bachelor’s degrees. The costs of dropping out are borne not only by the individuals, but also by our communities. Our program addresses this need by achieving program objectives and community impact through increased high school graduation rates, increased likelihood of higher education and statistically significant increases in self esteem and grade point averages.

Please give examples of your project's success.
  1. 96% high school graduation rate in Miami-Dade
  2. .05 average increase in GPA
  3. Increased likelihood of higher education: Of colleges, universities and technical schools that report to the National Student Clearinghouse, we know that a minimum of 73-80% of our graduates have enrolled in higher education. After 6 years at least 57% have graduated college with a degree, a statistic which is comparable to national average.
  4. We serve mentees in every public high school in Miami-Dade County

Organization Name (or individuals name) Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program


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