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Revive the Apprentice Model in Miami

We are growing a new pathway for professional success in Miami. According to recent studies, Miami is the hardest city in the country to find a job. Young people go into debt getting college degrees, to then find themselves underemployed or unemployed, working most frequently in entry-level roles where they learn from the lowest ranking managers in a company. That's a backward way to build a vibrant talent force.... more »


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Redirect at-risk, court directed youth academically and vocation

Combining the expertise of teachers and volunteer mentors from the business community and the University of Miami Law school, the first six months of the Empowered Youth (EY) Program are dedicated to teaching life skills and building character as a dropout prevention and academic performance improvement for students at-risk of failing, quitting school, ending up in prison or dead in the streets.
During the second six... more »


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