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Civic Engagement

“GIVE 50” – FIU to Kick-Off Community-Wide Service Effort

In celebration of FIU’s upcoming 50th Anniversary in 2015, the university’s renowned Center for Leadership and Service (CLS) will challenge its students, employees, alumni, family and friends to “GIVE 50” – 50 hours of service to the community in recognition of FIU’s 50 years in the community. The massive community engagement project intends to spark a commitment to a life of active citizenship that will promote a long-range,... more »
Who are you?

CLS provides learning experiences; build the capacity of college students to lead and serve. Through leadership education and practical application students learn how to become active citizens on campus in their respective communities.

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

“GIVE 50” will impact the issue of civic engagement. FIU is a major institution in Miami-Dade County with over 6,000 employees, 50, 000 students and 125,000 alumni living in the local area. The “GIVE 50” challenge will use the milestone of FIU’s Golden Anniversary to jump-start a movement of volunteerism by challenging students, employees, alumni and friends to pledge 50 hours of community service to commemorate FIU’s 50 years in the community.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

The Our Miami Report states that “Miami metro residents were found to volunteer the least among major metros and young adults in Miami Dade volunteer at a lower level than other major metros.” “GIVE 50” directly addresses volunteerism and will create a model for other major institutions to follow.

Please give examples of your project's success.

The Center for Leadership & Service at FIU has a solid track record of civic engagement. In 2013-2014, CLS engaged over 3,000 students in leadership programs and service activities and recorded over 65k service hours generated by our students. CLS has a database of over 200 community partners and the mechanisms for tracking student participation. This model can be used to replicate the needed infrastructure to facilitate the participation of employees and alumni in community based volunteering

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