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Civic Engagement

Sant La Fellows: Next Generation of Civic Leaders

Sant La Fellows is a community leadership fellowship program that targets Haitian-Americans in South Florida. We will choose Fellows who have demonstrated a passion for volunteering and community involvement. The 12-month program will deepen their understanding of ethical and efficient leadership, community-building, Haitian cultural heritage, civic participation, philanthropy, and it will connect them with leaders heading... more »
Who are you?

Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center serves as a central intake, screening, case-management, and coordinating and referral resource for Haitian children and families in Miami-Dade County, and we've been doing so for 14 years.

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

The project will create civically engaged community leaders. The Fellowship will insist on teamwork, accountability, shared responsibility, and honest reflection, four components that are important for the stabilization of the Haitian community. When the present community leaders inevitably hand the reigns over, we want to ensure that those receiving the reigns are fully prepared and completely understand the challenging but worthwhile task ahead of them.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

Sant La Fellows addresses the young adult volunteer rate. We will cultivate young Miami residents who will address the needs of the Haitian community. In order to successfully accomplish those tasks, the Fellows will also have to become engaged electors.

Please give examples of your project's success.

The success of Sant La Fellows will be measured by the number of young Haitians who: are ready to lead; invest their time and talent in South Florida’s civic life; are able to raise awareness of the successes and continuing obstacles in the Haitian community in their social circles, including social media; invest their dollars into the community’s causes.

Organization Name (or individuals name) Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center


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