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Health & Safety

Coverage to Care Miami

Coverage to Care Miami will be an extensive community education and social media initiative targeted to Miami-Dade residents informing them of their health insurance coverage options as well as how to access healthcare once insured. Numerous studies document the poor health outcomes of the uninsured and the significant challenges the newly insured experience navigating the health insurance maze in order to access healthcare... more »


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Civic Engagement

PhilanthroFest 2015 Festival! Get the 411 on 4/11 at Museum Park

Increase volunteerism, community engagement and donor investment throughout South Florida with the PhilanthroFest 2015 Festival.

Entering it's 4th year, the festival showcases 100+ causes & community resources while connecting people in need to service providers, and those who wish to get involved, donate or volunteer connect with organizations that align with their passions and values.

Philanthrofest is scheduled... more »


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