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Rebuilding Historical Arch Creek Park Structures

On October 30th there was a large fire at Arch Creek which caused the main picnic shelter to burn down. Along with this damage the remaining shelters were damaged due to deterioration. Arch Creek Park is a historical, archaeological, and natural preserve. It was founded by the Arch Creek Trust and Miami-Dade Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces in 1982 Arch Creek Park would like to rebuild these structures as well as... more »
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Arch Creek Park was home to Tequesta Indians from 500 B.C. to 1300 A.D. Arch Creek became a significant Indian habitation. A midden is located in the park where a large amount of pottery shards, conch tools, and a single burial site have been found.

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By increasing the accessibility along with providing rain shelters would positively affect the amount of visitors who use the park. The shelters allow for group gatherings, which brings new visitors into the park. This would increase community awareness and usage of the natural areas of the urban environment.

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The availability of abundant, well-maintained public spaces is a critical component of a vibrant urban environment.

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Before the shelters burned down/ deteriorated they were highly used by school groups, community clubs, and families. Now that the shelters are no longer usable there has been significantly less visitors in the park along with less community involvement through the parks various activities.

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