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In The Loop 305

IN THE LOOP 305 asks what it takes to actualize a creative economy in Miami?

IN THE LOOP 305 asks how can we promote more age, ethnic, and geographic diversity in the culture spaces of Miami?

IN THE LOOP 305 asks how we change our city by having the ability to influence change agents?

* Support the creative industries.
* Reduce silos and support the policy changes needed to make Miami a friendlier city.
* Develop... more »


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Arts & Culture

305 Community Radio - Shake 108 FM

Miami has a new FM non-profit music station giving a local voice to the community. Our mission... to give all of Miami's non-profits a voice on the radio to promote their events for free. besides offering free radio commercials to Miami non-profits, we also are promoting local musicians, local DJs, local artists and adding a new flavor to the Miami music scene which is not anchored to the overplayed commercialized music... more »


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