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In The Loop 305

IN THE LOOP 305 asks what it takes to actualize a creative economy in Miami?

IN THE LOOP 305 asks how can we promote more age, ethnic, and geographic diversity in the culture spaces of Miami?

IN THE LOOP 305 asks how we change our city by having the ability to influence change agents?

* Support the creative industries.
* Reduce silos and support the policy changes needed to make Miami a friendlier city.
* Develop... more »
Who are you?

Malia Lazu, founder of Future Boston Alliance, is an experienced social entrepreneur and philanthropic activist. James Echols & Annette Peikert are co-founders of Life Is Art, Soul Of Miami, and PhilanthroFest.

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

One of the greatest areas of need identified by the Our Miami research is in the ability for Miami-Dade residents to start and grow new businesses. This program brings together capital and ideas through education to create a platform for entrepreneurs to understand what investors are looking for and how to reach that. Because the investors themselves are part of the educational process, it creates more confidence in their investments, as well.

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

Miami-Dade Residents Can Start & Grow New Businesses . While Miami-Dade County may have a high rate of very recent start-up formation compared to the US and other major metros, without knowledge and capital, these start-ups fail at an alarmingly high rate. The high start-up to low capital ratio that exists in Miami is a sure recipe for a crash. In addition, the start-up economy, and certainly not the capital is not well distributed throughout Miami's residents.

Please give examples of your project's success.

Since its launch, Future Boston has motivated thousands to help Boston to become greater than the sum of its parts. Out of their classes, they have funded several new start-up businesses and provided critical education to numerous others.

Life Is Art / Soul Of Miami has been operating for six years. Through their programs, many thousands of Miamians have become more engaged in the community. Overall, they have produced over one-hundreds events of all types and sizes in South Florida.

Organization Name (or individuals name) Life Is Art / Soul Of Miami


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