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305 Community Radio - Shake 108 FM

Miami has a new FM non-profit music station giving a local voice to the community. Our mission... to give all of Miami's non-profits a voice on the radio to promote their events for free. besides offering free radio commercials to Miami non-profits, we also are promoting local musicians, local DJs, local artists and adding a new flavor to the Miami music scene which is not anchored to the overplayed commercialized music... more »
Who are you?

We are a new FCC approved 501-C3 FM radio station. WMIV 107.9 FM (aka Shake 108FM). We are music station focused on giving all Miami based non-profits a free FM voice to promote their events. We are also helping the community by playing local artists

How does this project impact the issue you selected?

We are a non-profit designed to help non-profits by giving them free radio advertisesments announcing their events. We also impact local musicians, local DJs, local artists and local comedians by putting them on the FM radio. We are not like the big national stations which claim to be local Miami radio but they broadcast from palm beach to Key largo and they play the commercialized music over and over and over. Enough !

What data points from The Our Miami Report does your project address?

We are a changemaker because we offer non-profits a platform for free radio announcements. We are changemakers because we play local music, local bands, local DJs... we are helping to change the music scene.

Let's change the over-played commercialized FM stations who claim to be local and make a difference.

Please give examples of your project's success.

We are now promoting a number of non-profits: O Cinema, Health in the Hood, Museum of Science, ECOMB, Surfrider, GiveMiamiDay and the reclamation Project.

We are not playing local bands like: Suenalo, Spam All-Stars, Johnny Dread, Afrobeta and many more.

We are now palying local DJs and comedians.

Tune in... WMIV 107.9 FM

Organization Name (or individuals name) 305 Community Radio Inc


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