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Environment & Public Space

Protecting Miami-Dade’s water supply and green space

The main water resource for all Miami-Dade citizens lies just below our feet in the Biscayne Aquifer. Yet, there are a number of threats to the quality and quantity of this water. Sea level rise and existing water management operations threaten to contaminate our drinking water with salt water. Urban sprawl and other land use changes remove open space needed to replenish the aquifer and provide refuge for humans and... more »


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Civic Engagement

Urban Paradise Guild: Volunteerism Unleashed!

1. Engage 10,000+ Volunteers per year.
Every project is designed to:
2. Make Miami a better place to live today.
3. Make Miami's future safer from Sea-Level Rise and Climate Change.

Urban Paradise Guild (UPG) has fielded hundreds or thousands of Volunteers every year from 2009-2014.
Now, we are ready to grow!

UPG is a Volunteer-Powered Organization: 100% of our Staff and Workers are Volunteers!
In the... more »


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Environment & Public Space

Sea Turtle Education and Outreach

Each year with grant funding the Miami-Dade Sea Turtle Rangers are able to provide outreach services to local schools to teach students about the importance of conservation and endangered species. Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department’s Sea Turtle Awareness Program requests support from the Sea Turtle Grants Program to implement the proposed Sea Turtle Youth Awareness Project aimed at providing... more »


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