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Environment & Public Space

The Science Barge: an urban sustainable farm & education center

The Science Barge is a self-sustaining floating farm and environmental education center that will provide an urban link to fresh produce, marine conservation and sustainability. The Barge’s goal is to promote ecological sustainability through public demonstration, education and research projects related to the urban waterfront. In particular, its ability to grow crops without soil in a hydroponic greenhouse powered by... more »


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Environment & Public Space

Colony1: A Sustainability Center for Miami using Art+Science

The Art of Cultural Evolution is an environmental and arts non-profit organization committed to urban sustainability. The organization has recently been awarded a 50 year land grant from Miami-Dade County to build Miami's first sustainability center, an eco-friendly community and sustainable ‘living building’, Colony1. It will be the 15th certified ‘living building’ by the Living Institute in the world and the first... more »


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Civic Engagement

Urban Paradise Guild: Volunteerism Unleashed!

1. Engage 10,000+ Volunteers per year.
Every project is designed to:
2. Make Miami a better place to live today.
3. Make Miami's future safer from Sea-Level Rise and Climate Change.

Urban Paradise Guild (UPG) has fielded hundreds or thousands of Volunteers every year from 2009-2014.
Now, we are ready to grow!

UPG is a Volunteer-Powered Organization: 100% of our Staff and Workers are Volunteers!
In the... more »


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